Donnerstag, April 25, 2024

Fulltime Trainer:

Jan Zibrat
(longtime national player Slovenia, formerly TTBL-Player
ASV Grünwettersbach, current 3. German league, Slovenia A-License)

Benedicto “Bene” Gonzalez Perez
(Coach of the 2. Team ASV Grünwettersbach,
formerly trainer of the Young talent training centre Madrid
with completed sport studies, Spanish A-License)

Jing Tan
(formerly associate director of the
Hubtex-Young talent training centre in Fulda, longtime trainer
from TTBL-Star Wang Xi, formerly chinese national player)

The trainers are supporteted by the following co-trainers and supervisors:

Berthold Pawelzik
(one-to-one training)

Jens Rückel
(youth leader table tennis)

Daniel Quednau

Franzi Quednau

Luka Kraljic

Jochen Lager