Mittwoch, Juli 17, 2024

The ASV Grünwettersbach Tischtennis has restructured his own training center “KITT”. Club and KITT should “merge” so that offers for players of all “performance and age groups” arise.

The KITT was created in the summer of 2017. It has been continuously developed over the last years and ultimately the processes are to be perfected with the new structure. With 4 full-time trainers, with the support of several co-trainers and supervisors, all areas can be covered.

From beginners to Olympic athletes – everything under one roof!

KITT Professional (KITT 1)
International professional training group that completes two (sometimes three) training units per day. In addition to the players of the 1. German league team (TTBL) of ASV Grünwettersbach, professional players from all over the world train here.
A total of 20 permanent places are allocated here, which are supplemented by temporary training stays by other professionals.

KITT Young Professionals (KITT 2)
Junior performance group i.a. in cooperation with the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Karlsruhe (Sportgymnasium – OHG). This group trains young talents from our 2nd team and other local talents. KITT 2 also trains daily; two training units per day on two days (OHG cooperation), otherwise one unit per day.

KITT Young Talents (KITT 3)
Junior performance group of students and youth. Training units are offered here at least four days a week (plus optional training units on weekends). The goal is to introduce the KITT Young Professionals training group (KITT 2).

KITT Basic Kids (KITT 4)
Training group of schoolchildren and young people who started table tennis. In addition to table tennis, great importance is attached to fitness and motor skills, which is one of the basics of sport.

The groups are divided in consultation with the trainers and supervisors. The advantage is that individual talents can also be temporarily integrated into training sessions of another “KITT training group”.

Furthermore, the KITT also has “leisure table tennis groups” (KITT Hobby) and of course club training (KITT Club), for which indoor capacities are available on four days of the week, each in the evening.

ASV Grünwettersbach – we are more than just table tennis!